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2014 US Nationals, December 16 through 20 in Las Vegas, NV

Entries submitted on 11/01/14 or later will be charged a $75 late fee. Entries submitted on 11/10/14 or later will not be accepted. [past]

- Miscellaneous

Junior Membership$25
Collegiate Membership$25
3-Year Membership$130
3-Year Jr Membership$60
Household Membership$90
3-Year Household Membership$250
5-Year Membership$200
FASTT PRO Membership$30
3-Year FASTT PRO Membership$70
Small T-Shirt$15(first shirt is free)
Medium T-Shirt$15(first shirt is free)
Large T-Shirt$15(first shirt is free)
X-Large T-Shirt$15(first shirt is free)
XX-Large T-Shirt$15(first shirt is free)
Saturday ticket (incl Semis/Finals)$20
Five day tournament pass$25
Additional door prize$5
Youth Programs donation$5
National Team donation$5
Paralympic Events donation$5
Floor Mats donation$5
USATT Hall of Fame donation$5

- Events

Players may enter at most 8 events. Players may enter at most 5 rating events. Events must be chosen from the 5 sequentially above the player's qualification rating.

More information about this tournament, including event eligibility details, can be found in the entry form, waiver, schedule, and prospectus.. The Waiver in particular should be read before continuing with the entry form.

Proof of citizenship must be provided in order to participate in the Championship events at the US Nationals. Acceptable documentation are birth certificates, certificates of naturalization or a passport. If you are playing in rating events only, proof of permanent residence is required. Acceptable documentation are VISAs (other than travel) or green cards. Please send copies to

1Men's SinglesTue02:15 PM1: $3500, 2: $1800, 3-4: $1150, 5-8: $500, 9-16: $225
2Women's SinglesWed12:00 PM1: $3500, 2: $1800, 3-4: $1150, 5-8: $500
3Men's DoublesWed03:00 PM1: $400, 2: $200, 3-4: $100
4Women's DoublesWed03:00 PM1: $400, 2: $200, 3-4: $50
5Mixed DoublesThu12:00 PM1: $250, 2: $100, 3-4: award
6Minicadet Boy's Singles (Team Trials)Thu12:00 PM3-4: award
7Minicadet Girl's Singles (Team Trials)Thu12:00 PM3-4: award
8Junior Boys' TeamsTue09:45 AM3-4: award
9Junior Girls' TeamsTue09:45 AM3-4: award
10Boys' 10 and Under SinglesFri03:00 PM3-4: award
11Girls' 10 and Under SinglesFri03:00 PM3-4: award
1221 & Under Men's SinglesThu09:00 AM1: $250, 2: $125, 3-4: $50
1321 & Under Women's SinglesThu09:00 AM1: $200, 2: $100, 3-4: $50
14Over 30 SinglesThu06:00 PM1: $250, 2: $125, 3-4: $50
15Senior Men's Singles 40+Thu09:00 AM1: $250, 2: $175, 3-4: $100
16Senior Hardbat Singles 40+Wed09:45 AM3-4: award
17Senior Women's RR 40+Tue03:00 PM1: $150, 2: $100, 3-4: award
18Esquire Men's Singles 50+Fri06:00 PM1: $150, 2: $100, 3-4: award
19Esquire Women's RR 50+Fri06:00 PM1: $150, 2: $100, 3-4: award
20Senior Men's Esquire Singles 60+Wed10:30 AM1: $150, 2: $100, 3-4: award
21Hardbat Singles 60+Thu03:00 PM3-4: award
22Sr. Women's Esquire Singles RR 60+Wed10:30 AM1: $150, 2: $100, 3-4: award
23Senior Men's RR 65+Tue09:45 AM3-4: award
24Senior Women's RR 65+Tue09:45 AM3-4: award
25Veteran Men's RR 70+Thu03:00 PM3-4: award
26Veteran Women's RR 70+Thu03:00 PM3-4: award
27Veteran Men's RR 75+Wed12:00 PM3-4: award
28Veteran Women's RR 75+Wed12:00 PM3-4: award
29Veterans RR 80+Thu09:00 AM3-4: award
30Veteran Women's RR 80+Thu09:00 AM3-4: award
31Veterans RR 85+Fri02:15 PM3-4: award
32Senior Doubles 40+Fri03:00 PM1: $150, 2: $100, 3-4: award
33Esquire Doubles 50+Wed03:00 PM1: $150, 2: $100, 3-4: award
34Senior Esquire Men's Doubles 60+Fri11:15 AM1: $150, 2: $100, 3-4: award
35Senior Esquire Women's Doubles 60+Fri11:15 AM3-4: award
36Veteran Men's Doubles 65+Wed06:00 PM1: $150, 2: $100, 3-4: award
37Veteran Women's Doubles 65+Wed06:00 PM3-4: award
38Veteran Men's Doubles 70+Tue06:00 PM3-4: award
39Veteran Women's Doubles 70+Tue06:00 PM3-4: award
40Veteran Men's Doubles 75+Wed09:00 AM3-4: award
41Veteran Women's Doubles 75+Wed09:00 AM3-4: award
42Veteran Men's Doubles 80+Sat12:00 PM3-4: award
43Veteran Women's Doubles 80+Sat12:00 PM3-4: award
44Mixed Doubles 60+Fri04:30 PM3-4: award
45Hard Bat RRSat09:00 AM1: $150, 2: $75, 3-4: award
46Hard Bat DoublesWed01:30 PM3-4: award
47U-1700 Sandpaper RRWed06:00 PM3-4: award
48USATT/FASTT National Championship RR (Sandpaper)Tue02:15 PM1: $500, 2: $300, 3-4: $100
49Under 2400 SinglesWed09:45 AM1: $275, 2: $150, 3-4: $75
50Under 2300 RRFri12:00 PM1: $175, 2: $100, 3-4: $50
51Under 2200 RRThu03:00 PM1: $125, 2: $75, 3-4: $50
52Under 2100 RRWed12:00 PM1: $125, 2: $75, 3-4: $50
53Under 2000 RRTue12:45 PM1: $100, 2: $50, 3-4: $25
54Under 2000 Hard Bat RRThu09:00 AM3-4: award
55Under 1900 RRWed09:00 AM1: $100, 2: $50, 3-4: $25
56Under 1800 RRSat09:00 AM1: $100, 2: $50, 3-4: $25
57Under 1800 Hard Bat RRFri03:00 PM3-4: award
58Under 1700 RRTue03:45 PM3-4: award
59Under 1600 RRWed06:00 PM3-4: award
60Under 1500 RRThu09:00 AM3-4: award
61Under 1500 Hard Bat RRTue09:45 AM3-4: award
62Under 1400 RRFri04:30 PM3-4: award
63Under 1300 RRSat09:00 AM3-4: award
64Under 1200 RRWed12:00 PM3-4: award
65Under 1100 RRThu12:00 PM3-4: award
66Under 1000 RRTue09:45 AM3-4: award
67Unrated RRWed09:00 AM3-4: award
68Under 1600 Senior RR 40+Fri09:00 AM3-4: award
69Under 4200 DoublesWed09:00 AM3-4: award
70Under 3700 DoublesTue09:45 AM3-4: award
71Under 3200 DoublesWed09:00 AM3-4: award
72Under 2700 DoublesTue09:45 AM3-4: award
73Wheelchair Open (Classes 1-5) RRSat12:00 PM1 & 2: Award
74Standing Open (Classes 6-10) RRSat12:00 PM1 & 2: Award
75Class 11 Open RRSat12:00 PM1 & 2: Award
Cadet Boys' Team TrialsWed06:00 PM
Cadet Girls' Team TrialsWed06:00 PM
Junior Boys' Team TrialsFri09:00 AM
Junior Girls' Team TrialsFri09:00 AM