Current Entries for the 2014 US Open

There are currently 27 entries for the 2014 US Open, July 1 through 5 in Grand Rapids, MI.

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Database last updated: 2014-04-18 13:02:05 CDT

USATT IDNameRatingStateStatus
89498Badillo, Scott1495MIpending approval
29330Carre, Lionel1945FLpending approval
88393Chen, Stephanie1246CApending approval
28437Dulkin, Danny2243MIpending approval
46403Fowler, Brian1755MIpending approval
92992Gibson, Celeste224MNpending approval
92991Gibson, Jim466MNpending approval
34165Ginther, Dean1404TXpending approval
1344Gudzenko, Gary1876NYpending approval
85435Jamaspi, Behram2390NCpending approval
72193Jha, Kanak2626CApending approval
34653Jha, Prachi2382CApending approval
26863Johnson, Mark1722CApending approval
29329Joseph, Fabrice1686FLpending approval
74907Juntilla, Michael1338NCpending approval
34285Le, Ly1843NCpending approval
32980Li, Kevin1070ILpending approval
81522Malek, Amanda1915CApending approval
77714Perez, Richard J.1509NCpending approval
72857Petterson, Daniel1520MIpending approval
85684Shiwa, Edson1816FLpending approval
85516Shiwa, Felipe1518FLpending approval
89491Swan, Kevin1240INpending approval
33824Teitelbaum, Howard1396NJpending approval
73410Vallabhapurapu, Mohan Prasad1029CApending approval
77897Wang, Crystal2304MDpending approval
83774Whitmeyer, Michael2109NCpending approval