Current Entries for the 2018 US Nationals

There are currently 33 entries for the 2018 US Nationals, July 2 through 7 in Las Vegas, NV.

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Database last updated: 2018-04-24 11:06:41 PDT

USATT IDNameRatingStateClubStatus
76327Abey, Tharindu1861NVNO CLUBpending approval
18199Alcares, Gary1301CACA - PongPlanetpending approval
3611Azimzadeh, Kamran1699CANO CLUBpending approval
97113Encabo, Marjolaine1849NJNJ - Lily Yip Table Tennis Centerpending approval
5901Fredrickson, John1657WAWA - Seattle Pacific Table Tennis Clubpending approval
31426Friend, Chance2420MNNO CLUBpending approval
9999Green, Vincent1622NCNC - Triangle Table Tennis LLCpending approval
96608Guillotte, Robert1185LALA - Baton Rouge Table Tennis Clubpending approval
218462Joshi, Saahil820CACA - PongPlanetpending approval
80380Kapoor, Abhishek1439VAVA - Smash Table Tennispending approval
18323Koehler, Rob1226NMNM - Albuquerque Table Tennis Clubpending approval
7579Lau, William1550CANO CLUBpending approval
90032Li, Eric2087VAVA - Northern VA Table Tennis Center (NOVATTC)pending approval
219908List, Norman1393NO CLUBpending approval
92414Lo, Vincent1812CACA - Grace Lin TTCpending approval
217446Loganathan, Aarthi1467MNMN - Table Tennis Minnesotapending approval
212082Loganathan, Ahilan1292MNMN - Table Tennis Minnesotapending approval
76652Mihet, Emilian1989CANO CLUBpending approval
23283Mioduszewski, Vince1922WAWA - Seattle Pacific Table Tennis Clubpending approval
92176Mo, Jason1661NJNJ - NJTTCpending approval
202905Opare-abetia, Benjamin1233NM - Albuquerque Table Tennis Clubpending approval
13313Podvin, Joe2151MNMN - Table Tennis Minnesotapending approval
98257Pradhan, Sarthak1582CACA - ICC Table Tennis Centerpending approval
91164Qin, David472TXNO CLUBpending approval
212080Ramasamy, Logan985MNMN - Table Tennis Minnesotapending approval
94022Rapinan, Red-riley1286CACA - After School Learning Tree Table Tennis Clubpending approval
48633Shih, Santos2154NJNY - New York Indoor Sports Clubpending approval
10052Sturtevant, Mike1689CACA - Modesto TTCpending approval
25053Tsvor, Sergey2013CACA - Sacramento Table Tennis Clubpending approval
97892Wei, Lance1455MDMD - Maryland Table Tennis Centerpending approval
45824Wong, Wai2026CACA - ICC Table Tennis Centerpending approval
13390Young, Craig1507UTUT - Table Tennis Training & Event Centerpending approval
91100Zhu, Chenguang1913WAWA - Seattle Pacific Table Tennis Clubpending approval